The experience of using Bactefort

Your story with we decided to share Greta Gothenburg (Sweden). A woman has told how drops Bactefort contributed to him and to his sons to get rid of parasites, cure asthma, and iron deficiency anemia.

The experience of using Bactefort

My son was born prematurely and, therefore, all the health problems of the doctors struck off on what he fails to secure the desired development in the womb of his mother. So when in 2 years we had a first bronchitis, I was told to strengthen the immunity, fired by stimulant medications, have recommended a trip to the sea, to visit the salt caves and coniferous forests, as well as regular physical activity.

A terrible infection by the parasites of my son

Despite the fact that we have followed all the recommendations, obstructive bronchitis was not made to wait long. A huge amount of antibiotics, eye drops, injections and inhalations for boy of three years were given with difficulty. After discharge from the hospital, my husband and I have taken the decision to change the climate, from six months in warm countries. But as soon as we got back to the house, the son is produced, double-sided pneumonia. The treatment was long and very severe, after the release, I felt terrible despair, in fact, none of the new recommendations have not produced the positive effects.

In general, a 5-year-old of his son, was already a diagnosis of asthma. I was scared for the fate of the child, that is why I decided to move them into a private clinic to a doctor who specializes in the treatment of the bronchi and lungs. After the child's visit and to collect the medical history, the physician stated that it was necessary first to deliver the analyses of the parasites, before proceeding to new methods of treatment. Inside of himself, I started laughing, because they didn't see any link between asthma and worms. But a very good reason – when came the results of the analysis, I was shocked. It turned out that the son is not of the asthma, and his lungs have flooded into the roundworm.

How the son was able to overcome the earthworms

I am extremely grateful to the doctor, who recommended us a screening of the parasites, because if I continue to give, in fact, healthy child of the asthma medications, who knows, that it was over. The specialist recommends taking the natural drops of parasites Bactefort. I was very happy that no toxic and harmful medicines do not have to apply. My son drank a drop since the time required, after which we once again passed the tests, and the result showed that the body of a son of pure.

Now that your child is feeling well, and I finally had the time. Even after the appearance of a baby, I had iron deficiency anaemia, I had been for a long time, but the cause has not been found. So I used the iron in the capsules and I tried to eat a meal rich in this trace element. And here I thought to myself, why can't I ask for help to alternative medicine and go to your doctor, that has helped my son. After the interview with me and looked at costs the results of the analyses, the doctor and I was advised to postpone the analysis of parasites, as has been assumed, that it is the earthworms can feed on blood, which reduces the hemoglobin and the fall of the iron levels.

The results of the analysis, I waited with impatience, but good they were not. Well on another side, I have well understood the cause of their problems, and already treat them. The doctor, as the son, advised me of drops Bactefort. I drank the medicine the full course, and then tabled in the analysis, and in my body, no parasite has not been detected. Still a month, I decided to check for levels of iron, and it turned out normal, moreover, that I was advanced. On the well-being it is, of course, very clearly reflects. Now, I think we'll go with the son and as the prevention of drink a drop Bactefort.

Previously, I thought not to be infected by the worms of the earth so simple, and they can cause a lot of health problems. May-be, our son's story to help someone find the reason of its ills and heal them.